Are you aware of the high density mixed use plan in Thousand oaks? I've been debating their main shill, Dave Gulbranson on their Facebook Page for months, and they just blocked me and removed all of my comments. Any dissent is mocked and demonized on this page by bully boy, Dave. I let him have it right back, and he couldn't handle it, so they blocked me. Please go there and do the same. There must be push back. These people are cowards. 

The just replaced mayor of T O, Al Adam is also the chair of the Ventura County Council of Governments. This is a big Agenda 21 outfit, so it follows that he is also pushing for the urbanization of our suburban town. There's no better way to turn a red area blue than to pack it with urban hipsters. This is the beginning of an Agenda 21 take over of the Conejo Valley. If you don't want to see us turn into a San Fernando, stack and pack nightmare, please make your voice heard.

Please go here and comment. I no longer can. We're getting steam rolled.


Barney DeSimone

Agoura Hills

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