Soccer mom files complaint with Ventura Unified School District on alleged “Hitler/Trump” handwriting lecture

Nancy Hill, a Ventura, CA mother of four children, two of them in the Ventura Unified School District, has filed  a complaint (shown below) with the District over alleged improprieties in a guest lecture delivered last month. The complaint further supports what was in our previous article and more.

This incident is nothing more than political indoctrination of students in a public school system comparable to a communist country.  We are not a communist country! This will not be tolerated.– Nancy Hill

Recently, we reported a story of a well-regarded Ventura public school teacher, Laurie Curtis-Abbe, who brought in a guest lecturer, Sheila Lowe, on “graphology” (handwriting analysis to laymen like us).  She presented what has been described as a highly questionable, politically biased lecture. It turns out that she’s been lecturing at Ms. Abbe’s classes since at least 2013 She presented in three classes at Anacapa Middle School this year, on 11-18-16, according to her posting on her blog. The problem is that this year, she allegedly went over the line in at least one classroom, delivering a presentation which multiple students say compared President-Elect Trump to Adolph Hitler and/or Heinrich Himmler, notorious perpetrators of the Third Reich and the Holocaust and even depicting them together. Even to show them together or mention them thusly would be highly suggestive and manipulative ....

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Next school board meeting is Tuesday Dec. 13 at 7 PM at Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli St., Ventura, CA .

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